My Tricky Interview With A Zombie

This is a special day. Not only will I be reviewing Zed by Stephen Herfst, he has also graciously accepted my invitation for an interview.

My Review

Imagine being the only Zombie that can think. Do you belong with other zombies, or should you avoid them? You would have to wonder, why me? Why am I the only one, and where do I belong?

Zed chooses a life of seclusion, away from zombies and humans alike. That is until one eventful night when he encounters Chase. Thrown together by chance, they stay together to survive. There is danger for a young girl in these times, especially one traveling alone. Not to mention the human horde that wants to kill and mount all zombies they come across. Maybe, if they work together, Chase and Zed can make it to a safe zone and live their lives in peace.

I am still struggling to tell you about this story. It is much more than the gratuitous zombies eating people scenes, of which there are some doozies. It is also funny, like when Zed goes to the maul. And Chase, man is she a firecracker. She provides the spark and sets his book on fire. You can not help but love her.

Let me tell you, this book is an amazing read. There are so many ups and downs, spins and teeth-clenching thrills inside it. It is unlike any other zombie book you have read and you should not miss out. Get Zed and get reading. I hear there are more books to come.

Now I have a special treat for you. Today I was supposed to be interviewing Stephen Herfst. Alas, he was unable to attend, so he sent Zed in his stead.

To those of you who have not met Zed, Stephen Herfst has written a whole book about him. The book is called Zed.

Now, Zed is a zombie and we know they don’t like to be kept waiting, so I better get to the interview.

Would you prefer eating brains from a man or a woman?

Hmm…it would be relative to what I am in the mood for; the flavour of a woman’s brain is intense, sweet and decidedly complex with hidden nuances that require my full attention. A man’s brain is musky, with a strong flavour that underlies the overall demeanour of the host. of course, certain nationalities would result in some differences, for example, Italians/Spanish are prone to irrational bursts of flavour.

Could you describe what brains taste like?

First of all, the texture deserves some focus: a combination I would best describe as between broiled cauliflower and pate. A pert outer-shell that gives way to a smooth creamy centre. The flavour of the brain is subtle, and its most basic flavour tastes similar to pureed fatty chicken bathed in a brine of embryonic fluid. The flavour is also influenced by the host’s diet, with a wine-favouring host being the most delectable. I do like a good red wine marinade.

Would you date another zombie?

If the right female zombie came along…maybe. I take a pride in my appearance and so my partner would need to follow suit. There is a certain predictability to the female of my species, and so, they simply require no more than the offering of some human flesh to win their heart. it is true what they about the way to one’s heart.

Do you want to remember who you were before?

It does irritate that the information does not come to me. All of my knowledge I have gained since my rebirth. Sometimes something triggers what might be a glimpse into what I think is the past. I am not sure but I have times , so  when it happens, it will be one more thing that I can tick off my list.

What pet would you prefer?

I already have many pets. My books are house-trained, silent and speak to me when prompted and they can be silenced just as easily.

Do you floss?

Yes. Personal hygiene is important. I certainly would not want to suffer from gingivitis(or gum-disease). – certainly do not want to exacerbate any additional flesh rot.

Where would you like to live?

Wherever I can be left to my own devices. Humans are a troublesome horde, always wanting to kill me, mount me, or worse, rescue me. It irritates me that they would somehow think my present situation would require rescuing.

If you were like other zombies that only mutter brains and could say something else, what would you say?

I have to admit, I do use the classic call of Brains when enticing my antagonists into one of my traps. I believe it is best to play to expectation until their realisation comes too late. Alternatively, I prefer saying nothing. Why would you want your prey knowing ahead of time of their impending doom, anyway?

Now I think I have answered more than enough questions. It is a good thing that I am in a good mood(and do not have my Zombie Kit with me). You caught me at a moment of weakness…and I do not like it. Now be off before I find reason to change my mind…zombies are known for that, after all.

Well, I beat a hasty exit, glad to still be in one piece.

My thanks to Zed for being so obliging and to Stephen for allowing this interview.

For a prologue of Zed and my comments you can go here:

You can read more about Stephen and Zed here:

To purchase your copy of Zed just click on the cover image above.



  1. Love the Floss question. 🙂 Good work Laura.

    • Thanks Luis. Had a really fun time with Stephen. His mind is amazing!

    • HI Luis. I can not edit this. Would you please correct my typo:) Substitute gum for gun under the floss question. I would appreciate it.

      • fixed and now I’ve also made you an Author, which makes you able to post directly to the website. so please stagger your post to no more than two a day and don’t use the bold option too much. 🙂

  2. Thanks so much Luis.

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