Review: What A Good Boy!

I really love reviewing short stories and collections. They are very challenging to review without giving away the content and that makes my brain pan hum.

It’s humming like a small engine right now,so let me tell ya about this story.

By page three I had an idea what was coming. By page 5 I did not want to keep going, but I read on.

One man tells his story.

Let’s face it, the marriage is over. George was the last straw. His wife hated him, said he had to go. But the man put his foot down.

George stayed and they divorced.

You see, George is his best friend, and they stick together. Nothing comes between them.

They move away and the man gets a new job. He likes his solitude and repairing roads in the desert suits him fine. Then it happens. While laying fresh cement, he falls into the concrete and is trapped. Good thing George came to work with him today.

Upon regaining consciousness, the man looks around, but no George. Must have gone for help.

George has been gone for a long time, but finally the man sees him. But where is the help?

George is running now, looming closer…

John Hansen tells a truly macabre tale. Even though I could guess what was going to happen pretty quickly, he still made it a nail-biting experience.

Man’s best friend is a very short, gruesome tale of friendship and loyalty. Perfect for those idle moments in your day.

For more about John Hansen and his stories:

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