Review: Harry Charter’s Chronicles (An Uppercutting Detective Story)

Reviewer: L. Vera

Author: Graham Smith

Book: Harry Charters’ Chronicles

A very interesting read. The writing is quick, full of fights and detective work. It’s basically a whole bunch of short stories thrown together to form a novella. When you read it, it’s like reading a very busy detective’s life. Almost like watching a whole season in one sitting. I actually enjoyed being pulled into this world. I would read a lot of book  structured this way. It’s new and I just so happened to like it.

I had some problems with the Harry Charter. The character is invincible, and extremely lucky. I did think he was almost like Popeye but instead of spinach, his fuel was alcohol. Okay, he had vices, the most obvious one was his alcohol addiction, but beyond that he beats up everybody like he’s Chuck Norris. I actually wanted to see his ass handed to him near the end; but instead we find him uppercutting and maneuvering like ninja. A guy like this shouldn’t be a detective, he should be the one who takes The Ring into Mordor. (Yeah, I fit a LOTR reference in ’cause I’m awesome.) This guy should have higher rates then what he charged since he never failed a case.

This book would be perfect if it had these three fixes:

  • Better transition between stories. (It’s like whatever happened Monday, didn’t really effect anyone or anything; and by the end of the book only the last case mattered)
  • The case that made him the sonafabitch that he was.
  • Got beat up. (At least once. I’d like to see how he deals with something not going as planned.)

Overall, it’s a good read. The structure itself reads great. It’s fresh and even though I was wondering where the next story ended and one began, accepting the fact that like life, there is no beginning and end, it works. It could use a little refining and a table of contents, but overall a fresh book and a decent price.

-L. Vera


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  1. Thanks for the review Luis. I’m glad you enjoyed Harry’s company. His back story is next on my to do list and it features his ass getting kicked good and proper.

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