For those who suffer writer envy…


You must read Emma’s story – it is very good and it is in one of the most illustrious of literary journals, Granta.

It’s been a big week for my very clever friends – Sue Orr was named amongst the NZ Post fiction finalists and Rachael King launched her new children’s novel, Red Rocks. And next week, Bianca Zander’s The Girl Below will be published in the United States. So I am feeling very proud and excited on their behalf, and only a tiny bit jealous.

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  1. Yoinked from Stella Duffy off Twitter: which made me think, who’s Stella got to be envious of? Then I thought, I bet when Toni Morrison won the Nobel-fucking-Prize she thought, god damn, that JK Rowling sells way more books than me (okay, Toni Morrison doubtless said it far better than that, admittedly). But the point is STOP COMPARING YOURSELF TO OTHERS! Just write.

    • Because — of course — Toni Morrison has the power to see into the future! >_< It comes with the Nobel Prize. Yes…

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