Someone is watching, waiting…

From the very beginning, you won’t see it coming.

It’s bow hunting season in Boulder Valley, Montana. Russ McDonald, along with his young son Jeff, has been waiting all year for this. They rise early and set off for the woods, anticipating venison steaks, venison jerky…

Back at the homestead, lovingly called Ole McDonald’s, Maddie waits for her husband and son to return.

She has been feeling uneasy. There is no explanation for it. Russ and Jeff went morning hunting often, getting home early. But, today they are late. Maddie stands at the window watching, waiting.

Meanwhile, over at Crown Mountain Guest Ranch, Howard’s day is beginning. He gets dressed and heads over to the corrals, his headache is getting worse.

As a child, Howard had a mean streak a mile long. For fun, he killed insects, smiling cruelly as he stomped them. As he got older, he moved on to killing the neighborhood cats and dogs.

The headaches began in highschool, many of them so bad he almost fainted.

Howard discovered that when he killed something, he felt better. But the headaches always came back.

Now Howard is a man and he has moved on to larger prey.

Something evil is stalking the people of Boulder Valley.

The call came is early. The lady’s voice was frantic.

Sweet Grass County Emergency, how can…”

“Help… You have to help!”

“Yes, ma’am. Please calm down and…”

“They’re dead! Both… both dead!” The caller’s voice cracked with emotion. “You have to…”

“Ma’am!” Annie had been a dispatcher for several years. She hated hysterical calls the worst. “Take a breath ma’am. Who is dead?”

“Oh god, the children! Those poor, poor children.” The caller broke down into sobs.

Chief Phillip Braxton is about to be very busy. The body count keeps rising and the killer is getting more vicious.

Don’t you love it when a story catches you unprepared? I sure do and let me tell you, this one did.

The author seduces you with moments of quiet abd then hits you with a ton of bricks. Her ability to quickly build a scene from mundane to unmentionable is astounding.

The suspense grows along with the pile of bodies.

If you like a quick, no-frills, wicked read with a sprinkling of normal for flavor, The Killings in Boulder Valley won’t disappoint and you’ll love the “killer” ending.

– Laura Thomas

For more information:

Also by Arlen Blumhagen and Untreed Reads Publishing



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