One Buck Horror Looking For Submissions

Publication: “One Buck Horror

Theme: “Horror”

Word count: 3000 or less

No multiple submissions.

No Reprints.

Simultaneous submissions are welcomed.

Due: They seem always opened for submissions

Payment: Professional pay of 5 cents a word.

I see these books all the time on Amazon and think they have a pretty good following. It seems like the stories have suffered a bit over time but that just means you have a better shot at getting accepted. 🙂

Btw, they also accept artwork. I’m sure some of you artist can do better than the covers already.



  1. I cannot wait to get a few submissions in to the markets that you’ve suggested. Must edit. Must write more….

    • ha. I know, now it seems I’ve been finding them too easy. Maybe the market is just big for ebook type stuff, but I’ve already submitted to two myself. 🙂

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