John the Aussie Interviews Kirk Allmond

Interviewer: John The Aussie

Author: Kirk Allmond, writer of his newest book What Zombies Fear: The Maxists. Also, read the first book for free.
Kirk: Morning mate.

John: Evening bud. Shall we start?

Kirk: Sure

John: Kirk, thanks for agreeing to do an interview with me, I hope I can do you at least some justice.

Kirk: Any time, John. I’m always happy to talk about zombies.

John: So this is my first interview so I’m going to jump right into it. Your series of novels are called ‘What Zombies Fear’. You’ve released three in the series so far, publicly working on the draft for the fourth book at this moment and with a new author I hear?

Kirk: That’s right, chapter 22 of the fourth book in the series,”What Zombies Fear: Fracture” was published to last Thursday, that chapter put the book at 50,000 words, so about 2/3 finished. I’m really excited about this one.

I’ve been working with my co-author Laura Bretz for a little while now; she started contributing in the beginning of the 3rd book, “The Gathering”.

Laura has had a huge impact on my writing. She writes all the parts involving the character Kris.

John: Working with such a great contributor is hard to come by. Although Laura has contributed a large amount in your 4th upcoming book ‘ What Zombies Fear: Fracture’ and touched a fair amount in the ‘The Gathering’. This isn’t the first person to help contribute to the What Zombies Fear series, including “A Father’s Quest” and “The Maxists”. Do you enjoy working with others in the development of your story?

Kirk: I really do, I think it brings fresh perspective, and is one of the reasons people love the characters so much. Each character is based on a real person in my life, so they feel more real in the book.

John: Where did the story of your first novel “What Zombies Fear: A Father’s Quest” originate? What were you inspirations?

Kirk: I have been a zombie fan ever since I was little. The story has been in my head for years. Victor Tookes is roughly based on me, and Max is very clearly based on my real son Jack. Years ago I wrote my plan for what I’m going to do in the event of a zombie apocalypse, and posted it to my site When I started writing the novel, I started with my real life zombie plan and turned it into a story.

The ideas for zombies created by an alien parasite, some of them having super powers and for there being humans who are immune to the parasite but also gain super powers have been rattling around in my head since I was little. The scenarios in the book are just fictionalized accounts of what I would actually do in that situation.

John: I’ve seen the plans and the characters of the book stay close to the idea, with some tweaks. The characters of “A Father’s Quest” are heroic and evil. Can you quickly sum up the main characters? How you see them on paper, so to speak.

Kirk: Victor Tookes is an average middle manager for a medium sized software company prior to the outbreak. During the trip down to the family farm he learns about loss, and that has a profound effect on his actions. He is determined to do anything to keep his son safe, whatever the cost.

John Hazard is Victor’s best friend. John is courageous and loyal. He is always there when Victor needs him, constantly saving Vic and asking very little in return. John is a family man, with ties to his own children as strong as Victors. In fact, later books are entirely set around the group of heroes travelling across country to get to John’s family.

Leo Kis is hard to define. She’s a soft hearted beautiful person with the spirit of an ancient Spartan warrior. She is fiercely protective of those she cares about. She thinks Victor is slightly crazy, (ok, more than slightly) but she cares about him and Max, so she tries to keep them safe. Leo and John were friends before the outbreak, sharing a common Australian heritage.

Marshall is Victor’s brother. He’s Victor’s rock, in more ways than one. Marshall is the guy who can get through to Vic when no one else can. He is very different than his little brother; Marshall would much prefer stealth and evasion to outright confrontation, where Victor is a head down, charge forward guy.

The main villain, besides the zombies and their leadership, is Colonel Joshua Frye. Frye is in command of the remnants of the military in Virginia, and is a realist. He believes that there is no way to win a direct confrontation with the zombies, so he wants to negotiate with them, to concede to their demands in the hopes of surviving.

John: Did the character of What Zombies Fear grow first or the storyline grow first?

Kirk: Since the characters are all based (some more than others) on actual people in my life, I would say the storyline grew first, since the characters were always there. The people have evolved over the story. Victor is no longer quite so much like me, his personality having been shaped and altered by the experiences of the book.

John: Of “A Father’s Quest” is there anything you wish you could go back and change?

Kirk: I’m very proud of the book, but there are a few of the non-action scenes I’d like to add some more detail to. My writing has improved over the course of the four books, and I think I could do better justice to the people involved now.

Kirk: Overall I think the book stands on its own. There can always be more, and there’s always room for growth. I’d bet that even Stephen King or Dean Koontz feel that way.

John: Oh I’ve seen them make a similar statement in a few interviews. So to do a 180, what part was your most favourite to write in “A Father’s Quest?”

Kirk: I love the scene at the Potomac River Bridge. Writing that scene was the first time I ever got into “the zone” writing, where the details and actions just flowed out of my head. I wrote the rough draft of that chapter in about 30 minutes, watching it in my head like a movie, and typing out what I saw. That’s happened to me several times since, and it’s my favourite thing about writing, when my brain and fingers connect, it’s almost like I’m an outside observer watching the story take shape.

John: What was one of the most surprising things you learned in writing the first novel?

Kirk: That I could do it! So many people start novels and never finish them. I had an amazing group of people around me who urged me to continue, and provided support and guidance. I’m really grateful to everyone who was involved back then.

John: Zombies being the obvious theme, do you think the zombie genre is dying? Or will the hopes and dreams of an apocalypse and dystopia of any sort will hold the zombie genre and many other post apocalyptic genres high?

Kirk: I think as long as people have feelings of hopelessness and negativity in the world, zombies will always be around. Historically, zombies are popular when there is a large amount of social upheaval in the world, just as there is now. When the world economy picks up, and people are feeling more comfortable and prosperous, the popularity of zombies will wane for a little while, but they never really go away.

John: It’s always good to see people will be interested in another zombie story. I’m going to save chatter of the other books in your series for later, to ensure you come-back for another interview. I would like to finish up with two more questions.

Do you have any advice for people trying to write?

Kirk: Write what you love. That’s the only thing that will carry you through to the end.

John: I hope people love the right things.

And the most important question that I shall lay as a signature question; have you ever written naked?

Kirk: Absolutely! Everything is better naked!

John: Thanks for the interview mate, hope to convince you for another soon.

Kirk: For you, any time! Thank you so much for all you’ve done.

You can find Kirk’s book What Zombies Fear: The Maxists and the free first piece on Amazon.



  1. The first book in the series is A Fathers Quest, and the latest is WZF The Gathering. Thanks so much for the interview!

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