Review: Dig Ten Graves by Heath Lowrance

Reviewer: L. Vera

Book: Dig Ten Graves

Author: Heath Lowrance

Ever read a book, because you read just one story from the author elsewhere? Now picture everything in that book is basically better than that first story. That’s what this book is. It’s Heath Lowrance at his best. You got ten stories, written beautifully. Many are short but they feel like the perfect length. Like “Bleed Out” it’s an ironic twist on hunting, anything else I’ll tell you would ruin the story, but it’s twistedly written, like a good Twilight Zone story. And I love the Twilight Zone. It’s just like each piece feels right and it always keeps you guessing.

I personally know it’s a good book when I can’t stop telling people about the book. When my wife is like, so what happened in the story you were reading about the dog and the man trapped in the cavern? And I respond “The one where the man and dog is hungry? Well . . .” You have to read it. I just wish it was longer, maybe two more stories would have kept me more occupied, but for the price, I think I’m ripping Heath Lowrance off. Formatting wise, I’d love to see a working/linking table of contents, I think all collection should have one, so you can go back and forth. It’s still a great book that everyone should read.

If you don’t believe me read “Burning Bridges” for free and read his short story “A Freeway On Earth”.

I’m definitely going to buy his other book The Bastard Hand.



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  2. […] that good. So far I’d say it’s the second best book I’ve read all year. Dig Ten Graves would still be number one. But Speed Loader was just a good compilation. There are only six stories […]

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