Art To Be Influence By: Jamie Jasso

Jaime Hernández Jasso is a graphic artist, wait, graphic genius. Um, how about one of the Ultimate Graphical Genius’s in the world who is currently part of the dream team in visual effects as a lead digital matte painter at Industrial Light and Magic, within the Lucasfilm compound. He has also been part of the team that won an Oscar award for Avatar. You can also find his work in video games (Halo Wars, Mass Effect 2), in movies(Transformers) and television. He was kind enough to let me use his artwork here.

I always found his art breathtaking and moving. Let his work inspire you. Please check out his site and drop by his deviant Art page and say hi.

-L. Vera



  1. Amazong pictures Luis. I think I like the 3rd one, no the fifth one the best. I think:) Going to go check out his sight.

  2. Sorry about the typo. Amazing.

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