How to Burn Bridges

Into every writer’s life some adversity will fall. You can never predict whether it will be an editor making death threats or awaiting the results of the multimillion dollar auction for your novel. Chances are, however, that you’re much more likely to face common problems: you don’t get paid on schedule, your sales are poor, your life does not suddenly become better because you have a book out there.

You suck it up and get back to writing and sending things out. It’s like lather, rinse, repeat: write, submit, write more. In between you’ll curse at the rejections and crow at the acceptances but life pretty much goes on like that until you keel over at the keyboard.

Except sometimes you really do run into more than the garden variety annoyances and move up into the category that my pal Chloë refers to as ballbaggery (and yes, writers can be equally guilty of idiocy, but seldom in a position to screw so many people in one feel swoop).

I just made a book trailer for a bunch of authors who had dealings with a particularly deplorable “publisher” and bounced back from it by showing him how it’s done; putting together a collection of terrific work by writers known and unknown, with great cover art and professional editing.

What’s that? Surely the bare minimum expected of a published book? Yeah, you’d think.


So here’s the video: consider it a conjuration to cast off the negative effects and replace them with our own success. It’s why we set fire to things we no longer wish to have in our lives. It’s a damn fine book, too. Get it today.



  1. Hella Awesome. 🙂 Kate your so great.

  2. Excellent use of ballbaggery, Prof. I approve, but then I would. love Chlo xxxxx

  3. Also, I agree. You are awesome sauce 😉

  4. Oops. Hate to be the picky one here, but did you realize you’d written “whinge” and I think you intended “whine?”

    • Nope, whinge. Regional differences! At least I didn’t use the Scottish “greet” 🙂

      • Cool! I learned something and that’s always a good day! Thank you for the explanation.

  5. Cheers, Les. Thanks for dropping by!

    • My pleasure (here in the States we spell “pleasure” as “Jack Daniels.” BTW, the video kicked butt!

      • LOL, thanks — and over here in Ireland we spell it Guinness with a side of Jameson. 😉

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  7. The first story was awesome, but the rest needs to be edited. You don’t bare children, you bear them. You don’t walk passed someone, you walk past them. Sorry, I have to stop reading after about 4 errors like that. Too distracting. Constructive criticism…or burning bridges?

    • I will pass that on to the editor. I’d still love to see you at least read Heath Lowrance’s story and I’d also be cool if read mine. 🙂 and let me know what you think. Or tell me how horrible it was. 🙂

  8. LOVE IT! 🙂

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