$0.99 Ebooks You Should Buy

Got $0.99 lying around? Try one of these books.

Burning Bridges: A Renegade Fiction Anthology : Okay, I’m biased on this one because I’m in it. But it’s a great read. Just read Heath Lowrance’s “A Freeway on Earth” first, that story alone is worth $0.99. So just consider the other stories free. Also all profit’s are for charity, and not Charity the stripper. Well at least that’s what Ben Sobieck told me. j/k



Deer by George Gesinger : This man is just awesome. He’s gone through so much in his life and that drama turns into good story telling. Deer is about a man who is working out things in his head driving home one night. Whats real? What isn’t?





Snake Skin: A Lucy Guardino FBI Thriller (Lucy Guardino FBI Thrillers, Book #1) :
by CJ Lyons: A good book by such a good author. Her name should be CJ “Action Packed” Lyons. For a limited time it’s $0.99 so grab it now.




The Complete Works of H.P. Lovecraft : Okay. All these stories are found online for free. It’s just the way H.P. Lovecraft left it, because well . . . I don’t know. Maybe it was unintentional but now no one owns his great pieces. And there are a lot of pieces in here. If you look at the summary, they offer a free version as well. So I say if you got $0.99 give it to Amazon and The Cthulhu Chick, who also sells crochet chulhu’s on etsy.


Updates: Some late addition suggested by readers:


Got a book for $0.99. Let me know at Luis_Vera05@yahoo.com


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