An Interview With The Awesome K. A. Laity

Interviewer: L. Vera

Author: K. A. Laity

L. Vera: I would like to start off by saying how much of an honor it is to have you on my blog and you would be the first person I have ever interviewed.

K. A. Laity: I will be gentle with you. I am pleased to be your first interview. I hope I do not scar you for life.

L. Vera: One thing I had noticed about you was that, besides being published in a plethora of outlets, is that you have your own Wiki page. How awesome is that?

K. A. Laity: LOL, I think one of my friends started that. I suspect no one else has looked at it. I should make my students update it. I make them change the college’s page.

L. Vera: So obviously you have been a part of other collections, and anthologies. I know Burning Bridges is coming out on May 1st, and you have a short story called “Horse Clock” within its pages. What makes being involved with this collection different then the others?

K. A. Laity: The primary appeal of this anthology is joining the gang who had the good taste to drop a publisher who showed himself to be a reprobate without morals. We’re known by the company we keep — and the company rocks.

L. Vera: That was definitely a learning experience for us all. So what will we find inside the story, “Horse Clock”?

K. A. Laity: We will find that the world is much more elastic than we have been taught to believe. Everything is alive. Sometimes you can find a god on your mantelpiece.

L. Vera: I’m already excited to read it. What kind of thinking went behind its creation?

K. A. Laity: Actually the first thing to come was the picture (located on the right). I rented the townhouse I live in sight unseen, so inherited many interesting things including the clock on the mantelpiece. I took this picture and wrote the opening lines for the story when I posted it. A friend asked if there would be more to the story. I hadn’t really thought about it, but then the idea for BURNING BRIDGES developed and I thought, ah ha!

L. Vera: And the title, is very intriguing. So which came first, the title or the story?

K. A. Laity: The story came before the title, the clock came first of all. No idea where the other horse went, but i had fun thinking about it.

L. Vera: What should we expect from you in the future?

K. A. Laity: I just turned in the final (I hope) edits for my next novel OWL STRETCHING which will be out later in 2012. I have a story “It’s a Curse” in Mr B’s DRUNK ON THE MOON anthology and “Chickens” in Matt Hilton’s ACTION anthology. I have a couple of non-fiction collections coming soon, too. My website ( will list things as they come out.

L. Vera: Thanks for the quick interview. Grab Burning Bridges now. Also, check out K. A. Laity at her blog.

Notes: Interview reposted from LVERAWRITES


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